Adam Savage is back, in 'MythBusters Jr.' on Science Channel (Wednesdays 9 pm ET/6 pm PT)

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Scenes from a Multiverse


Adam Savage can’t seem to stay away from tv, not that I mind of course.


Does anyone remember the Mythbusters spin-off where Adam and Jamie would face off against each other in some build challenge, but they had to take all their ideas from children? I saw one episode and it was fantastic, but haven’t found it since.

Alas, it was actually a one-off:

I would have watched the hell out of a series of those.

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The only reservation I have about Mythbusters is it’s not me being paid to blow stuff up.

I have to do that on my own time in the guise of teaching my kids about chemistry and redox reactions. sigh


Finally!! The Mythbusters have gone metric!

And I wonder if this show will be as infatuated with guns as the original series…

Was someone planning to post this? Because this should be posted as many times as possible.


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