Goodnight, sweet Mythbusters, and may this supercut video sing thee to thy rest


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Who will “bust” the “myths” now that they are gone?


no Scottie Chapman, no love


snif…something in my eye…


Gonna miss this show big time, but with the number of tv/movie tie in shows and “let’s revisit this myth from the past” shows recently, it seems that Adam and Jamie picked the right time to close the curtain.

I could watch that rocket sled vaporising the car for several hours straight and not get bored.


Who will be our socio-political Mythbuster equivalent? Like, with something as entertaining as all the explosions and safety glass and test dummies?

I already have my sound-canceling headphones for this…


Same. You can see the paint get knocked off of the car.

The sled hit the car so hard it KNOCKED ITS DAMN PAINT OFF.

That’s just looney toonz stuff there. They busted the myth that you can punch someone so hard they’re knocked out of their socks. But they confirmed that it’s possible to slap the red off of a car.


Not a single “well there’s your problem”?


I was also hoping for a "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"
I know Savage was quoting from something else, but that line is intrinsically linked with how I’ll remember him, and his personality on the show.


Probably little bits and pieces of Buster. Might wanna go over to the EMT and get that checked out.


The way they sent off Buster, I wouldn’t be surprised if all that’s left is a fine mist.


During the reunion show, Adam presented each of the members of the Build Team with a small container and described the contents as a piece of Buster, for them to have as a memento. Jamie called them “Buster’s ashes” and from the high-speed shot, that’s probably pretty close to the truth.

Based on Buster’s sendoff, I think one of Jamie’s iconic statements needs to be updated. “When in doubt, C4 … or a supersonic rocket sled.”


Socio-political, or entertaining?



Point taken.
Is it unreasonable to ask for both?


Ask you can. If it can be done is a rather daunting question.


John Oliver?

While it’s not as exciting as high explosives, between:

  • creating a new cigarette ad mascot
  • essentially daring the Canadian government to fine him for political speech by advocating against the incumbent PM the night before an election (turns out the government clarified that the law was intended to apply to situations where a non-Canadian provides the voter with something of value to try to influence their vote, I remember reading later)
  • starting a church asking for seed (and getting some unwanted varieties of seed – not just the kind you use to grow plants!)
  • blasting Donald Trump

I think his show counts as entertaining.



Oh. They don’t have those. But they may be open to requests.


I read Politifact. I concur. Their fireworks budget is… is… hey I think they need to start one. KUT FM (local NPR affiliate) broadcasts this Texas version

and you can bet with so many goofy Texas pols here there’s plenty of eh ah grist for their mill.

I watch John Oliver on the web and am extremely grateful for what he brings to our world. At our house, we laugh to keep from crying. And he does definitely have a fireworks budget. Yay!

I wonder if his producers could be talked into putting an abandoned arena on retainer for monster truck abuse and explosives detonation. Because: reasons.

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