Adam Savage, muscle man!




Anyways, what is going on with the Mythbusters? They just fired Tory, Kari, and Grant (I’m not kidding).


Actually, no one knows that they “fired” them. They are no longer with the show. There are hints that they may have a new thing that they are doing coming up, based on their tweets.

Try not to use words that mean something other than the facts as known.


Laid off, whatever. Give me a break. The point is that they are gone. Why?


“Laid off” is not the same as “fired” and neither would be the same as “left because they’re being given their own show.” I’m sorry that words matter and you should use different ones if you mean different things.

As to why, they haven’t told anyone ask. You think someone here is going to know for some reason? Watch their twitter accounts. I’m sure they’ll announce things if they do have new projects.


You’ve completely wasted my time. Thanks. I asked a question (about their obvious departure) and all you could do is argue over semantics. I think I will remember you as a person not to pay attention to in the future.


You’re welcome. Welcome to the Internet.


The smartest person in the room will always be the one who knows this: be kind. Bzishi was expressing pain; a pedantic lecture was unhelpful.

I too feel the dismissal of the M7 Build Team after a decade of faithful service was worth more than 30 seconds of airtime and zero explanation. The likelihood that Kari, Tory and Grant have been given their own new show that they just don’t want to tell us about seems microscopic. So long, friends; it was nice knowing you. Be well.


Except their own tweets imply that they’re doing something specific.

I assume the quick dismissal is because the episode it was shown in was actually shown last year in Australia and it was tacked on at the end.


The producers are going in a more cinematic, maker-centred direction for the new season, at least according to Adam and Jamie during their panel at SDCC. I’d guess the new filming style didn’t lend itself to two mostly-separate build teams (Adam/Jamie and Tori/Grant/Kari). Here’s a short clip from the upcoming season that they showed at Comic Con.


Adam has said more than once on his “Still Untitled” podcast on that they’re going back to the older Mythbusters style where we get to see how they designed and build things in order to test the myths. They’d moved away from this in the last three or so years. This had been a complaint that many folks (including me) had had of the show and they’d lost views over time.


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