Jamie Hyneman has a new friend


It kind of looks like Adam.

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Upside of robobaby: No diaper changing.

Downside: Oil slicks.

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From what they’ve said, the two of them aren’t really friends anyway.


“My name is Barbie, I love you very much.”

  1. Kari, Grant and Tory will go to bed together.

My Kari/Jamie’s Moustache 'ship was good while it lasted. Sigh.

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Reminds me of Baby Face (A.K.A. “Spider Baby”) from Toy Story!


6 - “something will explode…” How can we not already know that…? Isn’t that a given? Don’t they explode something every season?

looks like dude needs a new hat…with a wider brim. or at least some sunscreen.

Jamie says it adds to the show because if Adam has a dumb idea like duct taping model rocket motors to his body, Jamie is free to say “Yeah you should definitely do that,” because he doesn’t like Adam anyway.

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Most episodes, in fact.

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Mythbusters has become like The Simpson. A show that was once my favorite show on TV that I watch week after simply because I refuse to admit that once a great show has become unwatchably bad.

It’s hit the point where they are so scientific and twist things so much that I think the first seasons Mythbusters would be ashamed of the crap they are doing now.

See, so we all knew that in new season something would blow up. Maybe they can blow up something unusual…

With most shows, the chaotic, improvised beginnings are more endearing. Later you get into repeating patterns… with Mythbusters, they don’t show much of the creative process any more, either because it gets streamlined in editing or because they apply well-proven recipes. For example, ballistics gel… think of the weird, sometimes outright sickening fake body parts they built in the beginning, nowadays its just a bucket-shaped blob of gel, or a “simu-corpse” - which works just as well, or even better, and way more efficient, but not as fun to watch.

I generally like the idea of Mythbusters and enjoyed the few segments I saw on broadcast TV. So, I rented a DVD… and found it to be unwatchable.

What got to me was the constant re-statement of each segment’s concept by the voice-over guy. It was bad enough that they did this after every “commercial break”, but since they also jumped back-and-forth between two unrelated segments, you heard the set-up many, many, many times over the course of the show.

If they didn’t do that, each episode would only last 15 mins.

As a hacker/maker, I much preferred the show when I could see how they came up with things and then built them. It has definitely become less satisfying.

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You see/hear that narration-padding on a lot of cable shows, often accompanied by a snippet of an action scene / cheap CGI.

Yep, and it always sucks.

All that “coming up later” and “previously on” garbage doesn’t encourage me to sit through all the ad breaks. Particuarly when they’re trailing stuff that won’t be on for three ad breaks. Same for splitting one item into three parts. I just give up watching. Does anyone hack up the broadcasts, take the ad breaks out and put the segments back together? I’d watch that.

The content isn’t bad, but the format makes it unwatchable to me.

It’s like trying to watch a movie on cable; with an ad-break every five minutes, by half an hour in I’ve totally stopped paying attention and ended up surfing the web through the ad breaks and then the film, so I end up turning it off.