Adam Savage on simple ideas and big discoveries


I am ambivalent towards mythbusters but find most mythbusters fans to be highly annoying.

HOW DARE ADAM SAVAGE BE SO AWESOME! He’s invalidating my irrational prejudice!

that was just fantastic

I liken Adam Savage to Henry Rollins, in that he’s always there for a thought-provoking sound byte. I guess in the old days Savage and Rollins would have been called “GO TO GUYS” - I tend to think that fans like Savage (and Rollins) because they feel they MUST like him. After all, he’s a co-host on a wacky science adventure show! More specifically, Savage seems to have filled that hallowed gap that was left when animal “expert” Steve Irwin passed away. I guess the age of the “infotainment comedian personality” will never die…

How about, because they are talented


I defy any person not to like a guy who makes movie-quality sci fi costume replicas for fun in his spare time. In fact, I can’t even believe he has spare time, much less enough of it to attend Comic-Con as Admiral Ackbar.

Disclaimer: his dog recently sniffed my dog’s butt, so I’m probably still a little star-struck by the experience.


Im with you Med… This Mythbuster crap needs to be reigned in.

I am a life long student, I read voraciously, I strive to be a legit scientist. Then along comes the Discovery channel. Next thing I know I have morons chewing my ear about black holes and shit. Granted, we are all on a path and I concede that I am far from my destination, but keep in mind that these same people cant accurately define momentum.

Adam Savage and his ilk produce a thin gruel to replace true knowledge, learning and understanding( TED, I’m looking at you).

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Your prejudice is busted

You’ve been making an effort towards understanding these subjects your entire life and that’s great, but now you’re essentially complaining that someone else suddenly has an interest in things they may have previously found boring? Discovery, TED, etc. presents these things in a way that more people can grasp. Even if they don’t understand everything they see, it leads them to view these topics as things that actually matter. Engage their interest first, you can educate them later.


Nope nope nope.
You can’t do anything until it’s been perfected.

Re-read and then; yeah, you trollin’, son.

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Sooo tempted to create a sub topic about Henry but god damn, I dunno if I have the time in my life to read that thread.

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Next up: Bill Nye and Newt Gingrich on SPACE! Brought to you by BoingBoing and the Raytheon AGM-65 Maverick.

I think “Mythbusters” should bust Henry Rollins

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