Adam Savage tests whether his Iron Man suit is bulletproof (video)

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Spoilers for the people who do not want to watch an 8 and a half minute video below:

three calibers tested: .22lr (left an impact mark but no dent); 9mm (dented); and .45 ACP (dented).

I still wouldn’t want to be wearing it, from kinetic energy transfer. I also wouldn’t want to be around anyone wearing it and getting shot at, from shrapnel injuries.


Even if it’s not bulletproof, damn, I’d still call that real armor. That’s going to protect from knives and such no problem.


That seems like a lot of suit to only test to Type IIA; but I can understand not wanting to have to make significant repairs.


That’s better than the shield they used on the first season of MythBusters, which they tested in the first Archimedes Death Ray episode and found to be busted.


Neat! I suspect it wouldn’t work as well against a rifle caliber round. (Though I would like to see him try!) It is still pretty impressive it shrugged off the 9mm.

The shrapnel or spalling he noticed from the 9mm is why they don’t use metal plates for military body armor, but ceramic/Kevlar ones.


This is a good point, ceramic/kevlar “catches” the bullet rather than causing it to deflect or ricochet. I never really gave that any thought.


IIRC there’s a bit in the first Iron Man movie where a terrorist tries to shoot Tony in the Mark I suit and is killed from the ricochet of his own bullet.

I guess if this video is any indication a real bullet would probably shatter into shrapnel instead of bouncing back towards the shooter as a single projectile.

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Why wouldn’t someone want to watch an 8½ minute Adam Savage video???


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