Adblock will cache popular Javascript libraries, meaning adblocked pages will be faster and less janky

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Shouldn’t browsers already be caching this content? Or is it flagged with pragma: nocache?


Hopefully uBlock Origin will follow suit soon.


Me too. I dumped adblock plus (not adblock) when their shady practices came to light like accepting payments to whitelist certain ads. Ublock origin does far more anyway and it’s easier on resources - and it’s ublock origin you want, not ublock.


Yes they should be.


This feature is a direct rip-off of the Decentraleyes extension. The good news for tyger11, politeruin, and anyone else hoping for this functionality in uBlock Origin is that you already can use Decentraleyes in tandem with uBlockOrigin. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m being too suspicious, but I find this new AdBlock revival sketchy in a lot of small ways that collectively leave me really uneasy about it – ripping-off Decentraleyes’s core idea without credit, piggybacking on the name of a dead extension, the prominent money-grubbing on their website, the focus on press and publicity…


A) Browsers already have caches. That’s one of the main reasons for using a couple of CDNs to deliver common libraries rather than having each site provide their own copy. It’s one of the fundamental parts of the HTTP protocol, no extensions needed.

B) Is there any evidence of JQuery phoning home with user data? This article implicates that behavior, but shows no indication of it. If it’s just saying that CDNs are web servers, and web servers keep logs of hits, then it’s a bit misleading.

C) The fact that this ‘feature’ only works for one specific library in one specific browser is a bit odd. Does that indicate that it somehow interferes with the browser’s normal caching for other libraries or in other browsers?

From the article, it sounds as though the developers of Adblock may have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the web works, or perhaps it’s just FUD. Either way, I’d be a bit wary of installing an extension based on that.


Are Adblock and Adblock Plus two separate extensions? If so, is this about Adblock, while you’re talking about Adblock Plus?


Oh. Yeah, good point. There’s me telling people to differentiate between ublock and ublock origin and i failed to do the same between adblock and adblock plus.


That was my first thought too. Hopefully gorhill gets right on it :wink:

Yes, I use uBlock Origin, for sure.


Yes, I found out about Decentraleyes after I posted that, and am already running it in Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, and Waterfox on my machine. :slight_smile:

Yes, and really, the only good one, and the best performing one, is uBlock Origin.


JavaScript is a crappy little scripting language invented by Sun to provide a way for elements on a web page to speak to each other. And now it’s the lingua franca of the internet.

(sorry, apropos of nothing and everything at the same time)

Thanks. Just switched to Ublock Origin.


Hey, get your apropros right! Java was invented by Sun. JavaScrpt is to Java as carpet is to cars and pets.


The Brave browser has blocking built in, and also provides a credible path to a future where content is supported by consumers via micro payments.

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That’s a nice feature but kinda overshooting the aim of the plugin. Like riding horses in Minecraft.

I use NoScript and I cant tolerate the Internet without it, I have to do some manual twitches when visiting new domains, but the raw amount of insufferable bullshit it blocks deserves it.


Weird, comments mentioning Adblockers are usually moderated on websites that depend on advertising for revenue. This is like “The Purge”! A day without rules! Adblocker! Adblocker! Adblocker! Adblocker!

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