Adding “-ing” to movie titles makes them way better


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Almost as good as “between the sheets.”


Almost as good as “-in my ass” : -)


Jurassic Parking



The Shininging



Adding “-ing” to Movie Titles Making Them Way Better


Staring Wars


Tradinging Places
Look Who’s Talkinging
Drivinging Miss Daisy
Raginging Bull

I totally suck at this.


Your examples work perfectly with “in my ass”…jus’ sayin’. (Actually, I was trying to cheat a little bit earlier, and googled for, “movie titles ending in -ing”. Got no relevant results, but the “in my ass” thing popped up…and apparently I can’t let it go. Rule 34 morphs better than a virus)


Peter Lorre playing a German serial killer was OK, but now I can’t help but imagine him portraying Ming the Merciless from “Flash Gordon.”


Fried Greening Tomatoes

Butching Cassidy and the Sundance Kidding

mmm I’m not very good at this either Imma just read yalls


I think you mean that’s a picture of Ming the Merciless who just dropped his pants in Flashing Gordon.


His eyes and eyebrows are explicitly saying the word “Behold!” so yeah that’s what’s happening.


Pacific Rimming?



Fisting of Fury?

Dogging Soldiers?


The Stinging
Getting Carter
Harold & Kumar Going to White Castle
Roboing Cop





Goldfingering, and its companion piece, Thunderballing.