Additional categories for the bbs

Should we be displaying the category name on the front page? It is suppressed now cause its uncategorized

We would be fine to add a site setting to show it though. Makes it easier to navigate to the dizzy list.

I think it depends whether there’s a good reason to have a less-visible bucket category. Would there be any downsides to displaying it?

I think if someone renames uncategorized that strongly implies they want the category to be more visible, yes? So you could tie it to renaming.

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There are really no downsides here, I went ahead and added a site setting for this and enabled here.

@codinghorror I went for the site setting to avoid complex magic behavior, open to hooking to category save and having it “as a side effect” enable the site setting, but it also has its downsides.

I humbly suggest “Navel.”

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Not bad!

Excellent. We’re going to be getting into this more soon, promise

That is my vote. I am all for cleverness but not on that one.

how about “Meta!”

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Far beyond Meta!

I thought you were suggesting “metal” :frowning:

Reviews & Warnings?

Can you provide some titles or links of existing dizzy (uncategorized) topics that would fit into these proposed categories? Examples are always helpful…

I couldn’t find anything in dizzy that matched up. I think something like the underrated/overrated movie thread might fit.

Or maybe a Boinger buys the 55 gallon drum of lube and want us to know how it went. Or that it had a rat in it. A very skilled and sensual rat.

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