Adobe is starting to sort out Photoshop for iPad's lousy feature set

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Instead, we got handfuls of green cheese.

Save it for St. Pats day, real crowd pleaser…


Everybody I know with an iPad Pro who would have used Photoshop on it is now using Affinity, Procreate, or Clip Studio. Adobe’s really out of the game at this point on iOS.


We used to do a thing on the 20th of July: green-colored cheesecake with a model of a lunar lander atop it. One of those things started by my dad, who was an enthusiast of both that dessert and the space program.


PSD is an expensive mess and I’m glad I don’t use it anymore to draw.

Why exactly would your goal be to punish a company like Affinity who have, on a meaningless fragment of Adobe’s development budget, produced an app that matches their very good desktop app, feature for feature (and in some ways with better usability)? And Affinity doesn’t take Adobe’s vampiric attitude of complete contempt to their customers, but lets them actually buy the app without a shitty subscription model?

I would have thought that encouraging those who put the work in in the first place was a more appropriate consumer response, if you want more diverse and better products. I guess you know better.

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