Apple is killing Aperture, and replacing it and iPhoto with new Photos app




Final Cut Pro called, they were all like “Welcome Aperture!”


I use Aperture regularly so I’m annoyed. But I loved the FCPX change, after a couple updates. I’ll just sigh and see what happens.


With the introduction of the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to safely store all of your photos in iCloud and access them from anywhere, there will be no new development of Aperture

Yes, that’s a logical argument. The only reason people used Aperture was the cloud storage facilities that it didn’t have, after all, so now they exist in another app there’s no reason not to migrate.


Not sure it’s related but my iPhone is playing “Still Alive” for some reason.


I recommend buying a very inexpensive (less than $20 if possible) previous version of Lightroom and then upgrading for about $80. You’ll probably find a lot of similarities with Aperture but LR has really stepped it up with LR5, I rarely need to use Photoshop to get results, it’s gotten very powerful.


More proof that Apple hates the pro market and is looking to make disposable devices.


Any professional still relying on apple’s software for anything (other than the OS) is just waiting to be screwed over due to their shift to focus entirely on the mass-consumer market.


Yep, I love the new LR5. Very powerful and intuitive. Non-destructive editing like Aperture, but you can export to Photoshop if you really need to. I hardly ever use PS now.


i wouldn’t count on the OS sticking around either. it seems more and more like the only reason they keep Mac OS X around at all is to have a platform on which to develop for the iPhone. :-/

sooner or later it’ll be replaced with iOS Pro, and then it’ll all be over. back to linux for me. (sigh)


Oh, it’s worse than that. All the “improvements” in OS X that they showed off at WWDC are pretty much useless unless you have an iPhone. Which I don’t, because I don’t believe in buying jailed computers. It sounds like the new Photos app is designed around iCloud, and they won’t be making an Android client, so that’s probably going to be useless to me.

Meanwhile, I didn’t pick Lightroom because the UI is horribly complicated compared to Aperture, and as soon as Aperture is out of the way Adobe will make Lightroom subscription-only like all their other products.

I guess I buy the 2.0 upgrade for my copy of Corel AfterShot Pro, and put up with its rough edges.


I get the ‘lifestyle brand driven corporation’ logic to culling your portfolio to focus your efforts and all that. But is Apple really so starved for engineering talent that they can’t throw a little bit of their massive cash pile at their pro applications? I never thought I’d see the day when the Apple after Jobs was quicker to cutting the rope on low-priority projects.


Even if you stop at LR5 (like I stopped at PS5 because I don’t believe in subscription software), it’s incredibly powerful. It’s not that complicated and is only complex due to it’s capabilities.


Welcome to the garden. Make sure you close that gate behind you.


Also considering leaving Mac after using it since 1985. Ubuntu Studio seems to replace iLife pretty well. What Linux are you going to use?


Yet somehow every update of Logic ends up winning industry awards and seems to be continuing to grab market share from ProTools (though that may be related to Avid shooting itself in the foot repeatedly).


Cue Apple fans telling us the downgrade is the best thing ever and no one should moan because some of the deleted functions will be restored in a couple of years, but it’s important to remember that the Mac version has to be just as good and fully featured as one designed for a mobile phone.


Sorry, all you’re going to get is a fan telling you that the apple software all sucks, always has, and it’s really not part of the draw. I thank Apple for leaving such low hanging fruit to pull the assholes with with the shoulder chips out of the woodwork. Thank Steve for that.

Moving on from that strawman. I use GraphicConverter. I have for 15 years. It is not amazing, but at least the dev hasn’t made past versions useless, or migrations difficult.


ubuntu. or maybe mint. something ubuntu-based, anyway.


Discontinuing services?!? They are SO copying Google!