Adobe Photoshop creator demos a very early version

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is there supposed to be link?


Is there a link to this story, or is it just a screenshot?

This one?

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oh man. I remember back before the history window. When you only had one undo. It was brutal. I looked it up. I guess I started with version 4 in the mid 90s.

I recall when it was called Digital Darkroom and (iirc?) only worked with grayscale images.

But the best demo and tutorial series has to be Donny’s (so many great - and occasionally painful - memories)
they are short, enjoy a few and really learn how it really works! Really!


Even using photoshop for years now I often find it quicker to do a manual selection than work with the magic wand

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I still have a floppy disc with this version somewhere. 512k of course. Actually, I have floppy disks to create an entire magazine with images and all on a 2MB Mac :slight_smile:


Quickmask FTW

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Version 3 was the first ot have layers. Before that, I had to save a copy of every single change, in case the client wanted to see a previous version (it added up quickly).

I was into Photoshop before there were layers. :smile:

Editing to add: It just makes me happy to see the old Mac UI. Something about that interface was so friendly feeling.

There’s always gonna be someone more old school than you…somewhere out there is a Daguerreotype retoucher…


Didn’t they release the source for this version? (An utter bastard to compile, of course.)

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