Adobe to (finally) pull plug on Flash, for real this time


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Yay! My computer will finally stop telling me it needs Flash to be updated to see some stupid thing move.


I’d like to take this moment to raise a glass of melonade in memory of Trogdor. May you burninate in our hearts forever.


Came here to mention Flash’s one redeeming creation.


My first portfolio website from 2010 was all Flash. I authored it all in InDesign. It really was a slick thing of beauty.


Besides Homestar, my fondest memory of Flash is that brief strange beautiful time when two things happened at once: Flash made (crappy) animation possible for pretty much anyone, and dot com VCs had plenty of money to throw around without using words like “monetization” or “ROI”. Suddenly we had Queer Duck, Hard Drinkin’ Lincoln, Dr. Tran, Porkchops the Donkey, Miss Muffy & the Muff Mob, Hooptie-Goo’s Haikus, Radiskull & Devil Doll, and many more… and I’d say half of those are difficult if not impossible to find anymore.


Flash, together with client-side Java, is one of the very top sources of Web security holes. Just a big fat target for hackers, and that’s after years of patches and fixes.


I still use Flash (now renamed Adobe Animate) as a pretty competent piece of software for the 2D animation class I teach, but I just have my students export everything to video.


I’d really like to see serious effort being put into a swf to webassembly compiler now that flash is officially dead. Mozilla experimented with an extension which implemented flash in terms of html5 but it was never usable and pretty quickly abandoned.




The most successful parasites make sure removing them will damage the host.


I remember around twenty years ago experimenting with using registry edits to disable the ActiveX Flash control so I wouldn’t be bothered with animations and videos when I didn’t want to see them. And it’s been a struggle ever since. Remember the extra-obnoxious ones that would play sounds whenever you put the mouse cursor over them?

Things started to go downhill again when HTML5 video came around. It’s so difficult these days to get everything to buffer and play exactly when I want it to and not otherwise. I still can’t figure out why I can’t seem to play certain Twitter videos on anything but my cell phone. I fear things will never again be as simple as they once were.


What are the no-flash options if one wants to serve password-protected video from an open website and have them accessible on multiple devices?


There’s a firefox addon to prevent videos from autoplaying. I assume there’s a chrome addon as well. The latest version of Safari blocks autoplaying videos by default.


Didn’t Elf Bowling use Flash? Ah, the good old days…


Anything that needs weekly security patches after all these years was Doing It Wrong from the start.


Hoopti Goo was my jam. I tried to find him again a few years ago and failed. Luckily someone got smart and put Dr Tran on youtube.


All of the Bullseye Art stuff (Hooptie-Goo, Porkchops, Miss Muffy, Rhino & Nutmeg, etc) disappeared when the site went down, but was briefly brought back on the site Magic Butter. That also went down as did the archive; I haven’t found any of their old stuff thus far.


don’t forget Frog In A Blender!