Adopt and name storm drains in San Francisco

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Waaaay ahead of you, SF. During recent road improvements, the county blocked off storm drains with bolsters of straw, presumably to keep debris out of the drains. There they sat – for months. We had a big storm in December, and the main road in our town was awash; many people thought that the straw rolls prevented the water from draining fast enough. Next major storm, people went out to the road where the drains were still blocked, and hauled the straw rolags out of the drains. Much less flooding.

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Clearing storm drains in the fall and digging out fire hydrants in the winter were part of the 1-8 grade curriculum in the parochial school I went to. It’s your civic duty.

I see Shithole has been adopted, but no Drainy McDrainface? Maybe I missed it.

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