Adorable child interrupts YouTube review of mechanical component

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She worms her way into his videos and into our hearts every so often in those videos. AvE has some rough edges around him, but his interactions with his daughter is adorable. I expect them to team up in the future.

Also, holy shit, he knows a lot about a lot. I guess I get curious what is inside things too and he tears it down and tells you WTF everything is. Hopefully some of that is rubbing off on me.


Cake! Yup, I’d take a cake break, too.


As a parent of some little ones, that part hit me hard when I watched the video yesterday when it came out. AvE has a lot of great posts and is often NSFW, but the minute his little girl pops into the shop, he’s #1 dad and as sweet and caring as can be.

She’s a very smart kid and I sure hope he takes to heart the comments asking him to do videos with her. Every video could start with her already trademark “Hey, boys and girls!”


spanner? that kid needs a Knipex Pliers-Wrench ftw.

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Skip to 3:30.

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He has a son, too

I don’t think that “Brother bear” has been seen on camera, yet. There’s always hope.

That’s him, right at the start of the video

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I think this is the aspect of a screw she was referring to:

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How did I miss that? sigh

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That reminds me of the flooring demo he did where he went through like, 4 different tools and is getting nowhere, and as he’s struggling, she comes in, in an Elmo gillie suit, and says “papa, what are you doing?”

And he just stops for a second and then says “Fighting.”

And she goes “I’ll help”

Warms the cockles of my crusty old heart.

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That’s no bandaid!

Mama said she can’t have a bandaid. Dad improvised. Both child and mama were satisfied. Winning.

I was thinking more of a Torx head screw.

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