The Lockpicking Lawyer shows us how to open his wife's Beaver

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LPLs April Fools’ videos come off as creepy to me. The innuendos are just icky rather than amusing. Not sure why they seem that way to me… Maybe it’s that kind of In vino veritas sort of thing, where when he’s kidding around his words seem more telling than his usual shtick? Dunno, probably all in my head. But still a “no” from me, but I suppose better than many other April Fools videos because they aren’t pranking individuals.


with you - watched a few mins then knew where it was going, done.


He never got around to the miracle of childbirth, though.


His April Fools one are always played so straight, with and absurd amount of double entendre.


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I’m begging you. It’s 2022. Can I go a day without a beaver joke?


His whole channel is on the edge of creepy, which is probably why the gag ones step over the line so easily. I mean, anonymous hyper-paranoid, hyper-libertarian bro who picks locks in Extreme White Man voice doesn’t have far to go. That said, I love his videos just like so many others. :grin:


Each time he tests a gun lock on an actual gun I’m reminded that I might really dislike his politics if I knew what they were. I’m not generically saying all gun owners are seditionist MAGA heads, which is why I haven’t made any conclusions yet. But I did have to unsubscribe AvE when he posted videos favoring the pro-covid, anti-heathcare worker truckers who invaded Canada, and I kind of guessed that something like that was lurking in his account.


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Oof, yah, that one hurt me too. I figured because he was a blue collar guy from central BC that I might not agree with him on everything, but he was intelligent and interesting. But when he went full gloves-off anti-vax convoy nonsense, it was clear how far gone he really is. I guess one nice thing about today is that you can count on the morons and crazies to identify themselves. Same thing happened to ChuckE2009 who literally declared himself a Nazi on his channel (he used the words “far right ethno-fascist” I believe). At least in that case YT promptly banned him and just like that he threw away a six figure media empire he’d spent 10 years building. :roll_eyes:



Made My Day

Last weekend my sister-in-law was visiting and we were out to dinner in a local downtown area traversed by a creek which saw some new wildlife move in a few years ago.

When my wife casually told her sister “if we’re lucky we might see a beaver tonight!” I had to summon all of my willpower to wait until the kids were out of earshot before responding with the obligatory ”that’s what she said!”


Thanks for validating my decision to stop watching AvE when I started to notice his little jabs here and there at liberalism, or whatever he considers to be that. I hope I never get that sort of thing from This Old Tony, I really like his deadpan. I also stopped watching LPL, because once you’ve seen 100 locks picked, you’ve seen them all, and his juvenile, sexist April Fool’s schtick each year rubbed me the wrong way. Not surprised nothing has changed.


“… I have an antique gumball machine…”

Are antique gumballs safe to eat?

Okay, I’ll avoid the political arguments, and just say that my answer to the article title would probably be “be charming and ask nicely?”

Ba-Dum-Tss… I’ll be here all night folks.

Crap, I haven’t checked in on AvE in awhile. His stuff on how things worked and what was inside stuff was always fun. Shame about getting fooled by the anti-vax rhetoric :confused:

The Primitive Technology and Hand Tool Rescue Youtube channels have a winning strategy.

No speaking means avoiding foot in mouth syndrome (although they could get cheeky with the subtitles, I suppose).

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