LockPickingLawyer wishes Bosnian Bill a happy retirement

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Suffering Comfort, headache in every bottle.


I got bored a few years ago and after watching a few videos from both those guys I got a set of recommended picks, practice locks with re key kits and gathered up all the old locks I had laying around. I’m no Bill or LPL but I can open a bunch of padlocks when I get bored and need something to do. It’s amazing how easy it is once it’s explained in easy to understand videos.

But, Bill is smart, life is too short and should be spent on the things each one of us find important.


I still need to watch more Bosnian Bill videos. From what I understand, he has so much up there, that there isn’t much more to say.

The lock in the thumbnail they torture tested at the range with a variety of ammo, including AP .308 and finally finished with .50cal with steel core. So much energy imparted to the lock that it is too hot to touch. Super impressive lock. Final round count was 20 .50BMG, 40 .308 AP, and 60 5.56mm.


Ooooh, I was trying to figure out the “electronic” bit of the bottle cap lock, assuming it was aimed at consumers and was trying to get it to make sense in that context, but I realized it’s one of those dumb anti-shoftlifting tags, exactly like the ones they put on clothes, that gets triggered when you walk through the gates at a store exit. Which also explains why it’s all plastic that could be pretty easily broken without damaging the bottle - it’s just a deterrent to keep people from grabbing it and walking off.


What’s air.tv and why are all the embedded videos here from that platform and not youtube, where they presumably were originally? These ones certainly were


Yup. Some liquor stores, especially ones in poorer neighborhoods, use them – the clerk takes it off when you check out.


Yeah, I am not sure. I don’t really like it, especially since I can’t find away to NOT have it go play the next video.

I dunno if BB has a partner deal with them, or if they are just trying to use less google products.

The local grocery store uses it for some of the more expensive stuff. It isn’t the most affluent area.


Yup. Decidedly annoying. Putting advertising and tracking above functionality.

Sounds iffy from here.

My guess is that the air.tv business model is to try to replace youtube as a place for end users to stream copyrighted broadcast TV media. Right now it seems to be free of ads and fees. But the first word of their website title is “Paid” so surely there will be a price in the future whether it’s ads or $$$. The BB articles with these links might not be pretty in the future.

To me it appears as though it inserts itself between the site (BoingBoing) and YouTube as a way for BB to generate additional ad revenue.

Annoying and feels a kind of scammy to me.

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I started a new topic to discuss air.tv:


A long time ago we were on vacation and picked up a bottle in a grocery store in a state where such things are legal, which was a novelty to us. We also didn’t notice the oddly oversized cap, never having encountered one before. The cashier forgot to remove it, of course; we paid and headed out the door. As one does when leaving a store and the alarms go off, I kept walking; because I knew I had paid for everything in my bags. The alarms are their problem, not mine.

We got back to the hotel room, where we finally discovered the odd cap. It spun but didn’t remove. With no Swiss Army knife in my carryon (duh!), I think we used the coffee spoon handle and jabbed and pried and twisted for half an hour before getting that damn thing off.

There was nothing easy about breaking that thing off. Tools or a lighter would have made short work of it, but we had neither.

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Yeah, easy with/without a tool is the distinction - the expectation is that a shoplifter can’t bring in tools/be able to struggle with breaking off the little plastic tabs that hold it all together in the shop, and that’s what matters.

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Was coming to ask the same thing, surely that’s against YouTube polices as they are showing air.tv adverts against you tube content?

It also stops me from clicking on it to go to youtube to see it.

My initial problem with the player is being unable to control the resolution.

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In the video it’s revealed that the “Comfort” had been replaced with tea, mercifully

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Yes, and the sound quality is atrocious

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