Watch the Lockpicking Lawyer open a lock without touching it

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the logical next step from the previous “opened by looking at it” video. you could argue that he opened this one just by thinking at it really hard, meaning the next video has to be the lock spontaneously opening itself just from being in the LPL’s presence. “you can open this lock by existing at it”

although… if someone sent him a face-recognition door lock system, he could probably do that.


In the final, definitive demonstration of his powers the lockpicking lawyer will broadcast a video of himself sitting inside a Cerebro-esque chamber as he uses his mind powers to cause every lock in the world to spontaneously spring open at once.


Rob will be disappointed if he didn’t have a stern look on his face.


Next, he’ll just threaten to take the device down to his notorious (to locks) basement and it will pop open out of sheer terror.


By strange coincidence, that’s exactly the moment I’ll be hanging around Fort Knox!


Now on the BoingBoing shop, the Retekess Keypad, now with IOT functionality!

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All these keyboard holding the full electronic system are super easy to hack.
As you can see on the picture, there are usually 2 power cable (+12V and ground) and the locker also use 12 + ground to open the door.
Just strap the input power to connect to the locking device and you are done.(dashed blue line)
You an also just strap the switch opening the door. (blue line)
And the color cable is also almost the same for each device.
As soon as you can open the cover, you can open the door.

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Or at least the tri-state area.

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End Times Prophecy revised:
“I’ll just get out the Apocalypse Bosnian Bill and I made and tension off the First Seal… Click out of the Horsemen … Nice click out of the Falling Stars … Back to the Tribulation Saints … And we’re open. That’s all we have time for today. If you do have any questions raise them at the Last Judgement down below. And as always, have a nice day”

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I’ll miss the Lock-picking Lawyer. He’s opened everything.
Unless a Lock-making Engineer designs a new system.

So… just like in the movies ?

These videos have prompted me to pull out my lock picking set (I THINK was advertised here…) and find a few pad locks to try to pick again. So far only found two of those giveaway gun locks with the flexible loops. They were easy to pick, though one was a bit harder as it didnt have as much room for the tension bar and pick in the key way. I feel like I need better tension bar options. The picks are cheap, but hes actually reviewed the set I have and said they work fine for the most part, but i should sand the sides to remove the burs.

I should have even more time to poke around here and maybe find some of my better padlocks I know I have SOMEWHERE.

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