Adorable puppies playing in a tub filled with empty water bottles


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If they were environmentally conscious, they would be happy with tap water.


I’m pretty sure this sound is a fetish for someone, somewhere.


As it is a great BB tradition… this cute animal gif has some “serious times” concerns:

Don’t give dogs plastic bottles, they chew them and little shards can get stuck in their throat. I almost lost a dog to this once but throat surgery saved him.


Puppies and PET bottles?


Oh and birds too! We just heard the same thing about birds! It follows that puppies are a kind of bird.


I must counter the downer themes accumulating here. I mean, c’mon: puppies! Can someone cite a single ill in this world that cannot be cured by a dose of the unmitigated cuteness and boundless joy they bring to the world?

Lighten up, people. Puppies!


Although it’s a true story, I was riffing on the joke that it’s impossible to post a gif on BB without it turning out to be downer.


Do they float or weigh more than a duck?


Bubble wrap for the intermets.


You do know who else was quite fond of puppies?



Well played, sir.

And since he never liked Boing Boing, that puts us in the clear.


Yep… Bird dogs… used to have one myself, migrated north one year and I never saw him again


I love how the one dog has taken it upon himself to make sure the bottles get back in the pool!


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