Puppy pools are fun for puppies and kids

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Pokey at best thinks the inflatable kid’s pool is a giant water bowl. We’ve had it for two years, and only once did he step in it. I got in, but he never followed.

But he likes to go to the park where there is a pond, and he demands to go in there every time we go in the summer. On really hot days it’'s a bit too far for him at almost fourteen, but he keeps insisting.

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I’d be wary of letting a dog get in a pond during the summer should you dog actually make it out there. Summers have gotten hotter across the board all over the country which apparently has made it more hospitable for harmful bacteria. I know last year a bunch of dogs died where i’m at during the summer after people took them to play in the river.

You might be ok in your area but i’d make sure to check the news or ask the parks & rec people if they’ve had any issues/reports with harmful bacteria or toxic algae blooms.

Is there any special difference between a pool for perprs and the regular (presumably cheaper) kind?

My daughter had an oil change pan that she didn’t know what to do with. She turned it into a doggie bath for her Chihuahua Noodles. It’s now the Cup of Noodles.


our pup pool, embossed with bones, was cheaper than the otherwise identical pool the neighbour kids have

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I also found this to cost less than similar human child branded pools. My human child fits.


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