Los Angeles invites doggos to swim in their public pools on Labor Day

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Honestly, probably less likely to pee in the pool than human swimmers.


I bet that dogs in a Water Park would be fun.


You could say this is a labor of love…

Every dog gets its day, and with that cold pool its a good dog day afternoon.


We let the dogs swim in our pool, and chlorine-wise it’s no big deal. Dogs are no dirtier than your average teenage boy. But the hair, OMG the hair. Skimmer socks are absolutely required or your filter is toast.


For a second I was imagining the dogs trying to fill out the forms, like bureaucracy as performance art.


A labor of love that earns the love of a labrador.


We have a “all swimmers must shower off before entering pool water” rule at the pool I run. But yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

Skimmer socks, even on a good day, will probably not catch everything. And that water circulation goes way down with those socks…

I’d vacuum with the multiport set to “waste” maybe day after, and hope like hell the dogs in the pool were not treated with Frontline Top Spot

or those other Fipronil etc. pesticides. I realize these are big molecules that might get trapped by the filter, but still: yuck.

It’s bad enough when I see pool users get into our community pool all greased up with so much sunblock they look like they’re ready to swim the dang English Channel.

You’d think that folks here in central Texas would understand that real sunblock protection, the kind that will not sweat off after half an hour, looks like this shirt (and not goop from a tube or spray-on crap):


Gotta clean both DE filters this weekend, for just that reason–sunblock gooping up the works.

Only upside: this year has been no call for Code Brown… though I close our pools for the season on Halloween, so it ain’t over yet. :unamused:

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Just think of all the human pee left over from the 2nd to last day “end of summer” blowout…


They catch all the hair, because the hair floats.

I’d vacuum with the multiport set to “waste”

I gave up vacuuming and got a robot after the first year. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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I presume they plan to shut down the pool after the event and clean it, the event likely coincided with their cleaning schedule

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I’d be more worried about if the water is safe for the dogs to drink, presumably still being chlorinated.

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Yeah, I got it that their cleaning schedule was conducive to doggo-swimmin’.

In my case, I was thinking about how much water I would have to commit to dealing with the aftermath, since we don’t have connection to a municipal water supply. We are on a well. One well for about 100 residents + two swimming pools. Any replacement supply I have access to is limited.

IIRC you are or were in the Austin area, and as you know, it’s been really dry in the past few months. For all y’all not here, we’ve had inconsequential rainfall and many days over 100°F.

Even so, I am contemplating a similar “last day of the pool season blowout” party with dogs and food and music. My only obstacle is that my well manager is unlikely to authorize any changeout of water until April, but hey, if no people are swimming in the water, maybe this is still doable in spite of any objectionable added dog pesticide chemistry.

It might be pretty amusing…

I use a Polaris robot a lot.

During a Code Brown though, the vacuum is the first thing I reach for, after hanging up the “Closed for Maintenance” sign. Fun!

Also the toxic blooms down by the river this year has resulted in a number of dog deaths :frowning: its really upsetting and i would love to see at least a day dedicated to making these pooches happy in water that’s safe for them, especially if the pools aren’t being used or if they’re planned to be closed soon.

PS: Yeah i’m in Austin :slight_smile:


Not just LA, Toronto is doing it too, for the second year now. Then they drain the pool and close it for the season.

Most of the pools around the Puget Sound area do this just before they close for the season. They are going to drain it anyway and they sell tickets to raise money for various pet non-profit orgs. We are taking our 10 month old golden retriever to our local pool next Saturday, and another up north later in September. There is actually a pet swim-therapy place in Kenmore that has a 17x30 pool where they do daily open swim for pups just about every day. Sadly it’s hard to find places in the PNW where you are legally allowed to let your dog off the leash and in the water. Plus with the heat waves we’ve been getting, toxic algae blooms are a common occurrence in the shallower waters.

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