Dogs get to swim in public pool for one day before it's drained at the end of summer


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Same deal at Scott Carpenter Park in Boulder, per the local newspaper.


The next day they should let all the drunks pee in it, it’s only fair.


The article’s URL says that dogs get to swim in public poo.


I’m not a dog expert, but I don’t think a dog would ever relieve himself in a pool. Us humans can’t make the same claim, of course.

Seems kinda unfair to the doggies.

Maybe it’s more of a safety thing, but the stated reasoning was “…we have to drain the pool anyway…”.


Most public pools require the humans to shower before entering the pool. (The ones that I’ve been to anyway, YMMV.) There’s way more to be concerned about, from a cleanliness standpoint, in a dog’s coat.


The coat itself is a problem. Dogs shed a lot, unless they’re poodles. That’s gotta be hell on the pool’s filtration system.


Awww… The diverse sucker-wolves who unaccountably love us, being aqueous.


They’re not suckers. They’re far more successful than wolves as a species because we’re the suckers for animals that are slavishly devoted to us. They love us, and in return they get to flourish as a species. Trading on one natural trait for another. Much like aquarium fish, livestock, and food crops. On a species level they manipulate us just as much as we manipulate them. This is evident from talking with people from cultures where dogs aren’t endemic, or aren’t normally pets. They’re often met with fear, and aversion. If anything it’s symbiotic.


There’s some fascinating stuff in the book “The Mind of the Raven” about the domestication of dogs and how wolves became the modern dog. The theory in that book is that dogs became really good at reading human body language, and learned that if they follow ravens, they could lead humans to fallen animals for food, which would result in a reward. So humans became really good at reading dog body language, too, and the bond between early humans, ravens, and dogs was symbiotic.


This seems to be a thing lots of places do…


That lab has some skills but he’s no match for the newfie in the water. Fun stuff. It looks like they had a great time. Props to the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pools Association for hosting the event to benefit the Calgary Humane Society.


Kitchener, Ontario has at least one that does it. Dog admission: $10. Attendant humans are free.


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