Watch frisky puppy knock 11 soap and shampoo bottles into a bathtub


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Probably high on catnip :smiley_cat:


This made me wonder what the average bottles-per-bathtub number is, relative to number of people in a family. My two-person household has four.


One of the things I love about dogs is that their personalities and behaviors are clearly more than projections of the humans around them. This little guy didn’t just accidentally push those bottles into the bathtub – he knew exactly what he was doing and he looked like he enjoyed doing it.


“That’s what you get for bathing me! How you going to wash me without shampoo, huh?”


I was thinking someone dressed up a cat in a dog suit.


I wonder if he just liked the sound they made.


Can he wash himself? Can he shit in a box? That’s no cat.


I think we can confidently say, however, that it was a cat who taught him to knock things off of ledges like that.








This is exactly the same thing my 1 1/2 yo does. Just loves knockin’ shit into the bathtub. We don’t have nearly as many hygiene products, though. Seriously, is this like an orphanage bathroom?

Dog. Called cavapoo. Instagram page. I’ll pass, thanks.



You are so lucky. I can never get in or out of our shared bathtub without sending at least one bottle flying. Usually more. There are three of us, currently. We have a shower rack, plus a rolling caddie shelf outside the tub, and yet the edges of the tub are festooned with bottles of all shapes and sizes. Festooned! Some are my wife’s, one is mine… the rest are our daughter’s.


Liked for the use of the uncommonly used word, “festooned.”

Twice, even!


Thanks. I’m one wordy mofo. And “festooned” is really the only way that captures the majesty of cylindrical plastic that is the edge of our tub. If they had little windows, it could be Manhattan.


You should see my bathroom; I used to work for a beauty mag publication company. The gave away tons of free promotional product to the staff…


That sounds dreadful. :smiley:


Free beauty products are a beautiful thing.


This is how we know that the Earth is not actually flat. Our pets would constantly be knocking things off the edge.