Adorable three-year-old explains Burning Man

Originally published at: Adorable three-year-old explains Burning Man | Boing Boing

I was expecting her to explain it in her own words, from her perspective.
I was not expecting to hear a 3 year old recite a Wikipedia article.


that being said, her reading and/or memorization skills are impressive.

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Yeah, just coaching her through a bunch of pre-written lines is pretty boring.


I agree would have been more interesting in her own words, this is so scripted.

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YouTube/tick tock/social media in general has created a whole new genre of “stage parents”. But hey, why not?..


I have mixed feeling about exploiting children (even if they’re your own) to make money. See also: Child movie/TV stars and reality TV children. I don’t think it’s a particularly healthy way for those kids to grow up.

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