Adorable three-year-old redecorates his kitchen with carrots


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I would have loved to do this as a kid, but my family couldn’t afford to make all of the cupboard handles 24 carrots.



When you don’t want to eat your carrots, and are perfectionist about it.



Darn - I have to type something else because it is too similar to a miss-post


Probably didn’t like the all-caps.


No, I copy/pasted this from another thread I accidentally posted in and then deleted my comment.


Ah, that makes sense.


I don’t get it. Is there somewhere else to keep carrots or something?


Looks like he’s saying, “Yes! Daddy thinks I ate them!”


I don’t know this kid, but I am damn proud of him.


is this the same kid who puked carrots and said he needs more of them?


24 carrots would be too soft to use as cupboard handles. I would have recommended an 18 carrot/6 turnip alloy. Or why not just go with plating?


Who keeps this many carrots around? *shudder* #toomanycarrots


When my brother was 2, his favorite thing in the world was carrot juice. Being the 70s, and being a hippy family, mom juiced carrots for him every day. Until he turned orange. The doctor was concerned, but mom is a quick thinker and mentioned the carrot juice, so all was well. I could see him having done this.


If you look closely he’s eyeing the pizza. Pizza thrills me too.


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