This adorable two-year-old is a grocery shopping pro


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Is he a cooking savant? I dare not look at the YT comments.


He doesn’t seem much like a Beckett. Where’s the absurd glimpse of the horror of the human condition?


I miss 2 1/2.


That kid is more together than I am.


The freezer section part is adorable. Reminds me of being a skinny little guy being around freezers at the supermarket or ice cream parlor - so cold I could feel it in my bones.


Man, I hate those kid-sized carts.

/grumpy oldster


To be fair, my experience with them is in the narrow aisles of Trader Joe’s, and also involves parents who spend the shopping trip staring at their phones instead of minding their out-of-control children.


I could probably make something like this with my soon to be 3 year old…except it’d end with him in the cookie isle trying to open any and everything…

Or if we went to Harris Teeter a straight beeline to the free cookies.


Teaching your kid to shop at Whole Foods should be considered child abuse


Kid seems advanced for his age. He’s already past the “basketti” stage.


In Vancouver it is a prerequisite to getting the bub into a good nursery school …


As they’re shopping at Whole Foods, it’s all around them.


$400 later is why my dad didn’t take us shopping when we were two.


In the heartbreaking sequel, he goes to school, and they teach him to shut up.

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