Instagram of men sitting in the man chair


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It’s that moment you realize the usb battery pack would have been worth buying.


I tellya, the advent of the smartphone sure made that situation a whole lot more tolerable. Compare the reasonably-okay demeanor of the smartphone-equipped gents with the please-Rapture-my-soul-outta-my-body abject misery of the poor bastards with no phone (and not even a Louis L’Amour paperback to hand).

I’ve been in this spot a mere handful of times in my life (sometimes holding her purse along with the shopping bags) and I feel like I remember every. Single. Deadly. Slow. Moment.


I realize time is slowly weeding them out but some of these guys look like they wouldn’t know what to do with a smartphone if they had one.

It wasn’t that long ago that my father pointed at a young woman’s smartphone and asked her if it was an “app”. He’s having a little trouble grasping the concept.


I have been one of those dudes a million times. But then again my lady friends have been the equivalent when I go to a music shop.


Wasn’t Amazon supposed to free us from this?


What’s quite vexing is the notable lack of safe male disposal area (aka chair or more) near cosmetics consultation points and clothes shops in malls.

Would silence the nagging to go and prolong the shop residence times and increase chance of buying something, so would be likely an economical thing to do.

Or maybe modern materials could be leveraged to make a portable minichair that could be collapsed to a cigarette box size…


The guy in the recliner is not miserable at all. But why would you wait around on some bench? There are other stores in the mall. Go to one that interests you. Hell, go to the food court and grab a beer. Tell your woman to text you when she’s done trying on shoes or whatever.


I’m at the point in my life where I hate shopping period - even for things I want and love and have a gift card to blow on. I used to be able to spend hours in an REI type place. Now, I don’t even want to step foot inside.


I agree, please go to somewhere you like it.
I really don’t like shopping, so somebody waiting outside would make me very uncomfortably. Please grab a beer, I will be with you in a minute.


There are walking canes that unfold into a small tripod stool. Not very comfortable looking though, I think they’re sort of an emergency tool for people who really have a lot of trouble standing up for long.


“Honey, come here, and tell me if these shoes look good.”


A man that bored by shoe shopping is hardly a go-to source for opinions on shoes.

ETA: Besides, she could text a photo.


Or if you’re not ready yet to wield a walking cane:


Same for clothes.

Bu try to explain it…


I have never understood this. Does this really happen regularly? Why would you bring someone shopping who didn’t want to be there? Parents having to be with children unable to get to the store without a driver is one thing, but why would an adult need a non-interested adult with them?



Not to put too fine a point on it, but some of these fellows look like they’re one pork chop away from a cardiovascular event. Hell, walk around the mall while you wait for your better half to finish. It’s one thing when you have to wait for someone to come out of the dressing room so you can give an opinion. But some of these guys are waiting out in the mall in the lounge-type area, not in the store itself. You could just say “I’ll meet you back here in an hour” and make the rounds, burn a few calories while you wait. (I’m not in great shape, myself, but if it wasn’t for walking I wouldn’t get much exercise at all.)

Maybe not as often as some would complain about. If/when we’ve got some big event coming up, and my wife needs dressier clothes, then she will take me along for my opinion. If we’re out-of-town and only have one car between us (or no car) then we’ll go together. Given the age of some of the people in these photos, I’m wondering if the husband or wife can’t drive, or won’t drive alone.


Thanks for asking that question. I was wondering also, but resolved, at first, to ‘maybe something special at the other side of the pond’. That’s not correct, I do remember asking myself that question before, also over here you see totally bored not interested man hanging around and waiting.

Maybe it’s a difficult question btw. :wink:


Something like this?

Or the futuristic comfort model?