Osaka mayor says men should buy groceries because women "dawdle at shops"

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“A guy goes to the mall and gets sixty dollars worth of stuff for eighty dollars. A woman goes to the mall and pays two hundred dollars for five hundred dollars worth of shit.”

– Ichiro Matsuimen


While we’re on the topic of stereotypes. Men rush through the grocery store to get the chore over as quickly as possible. In the process they forget to buy several things and end up having to go back for multiple trips. On top of this, men are unlikely to compare prices and are inefficient at maintaining the family budget.

Now men can be trained to do this properly, at an early age. Just as women are. There is no inherent gender difference in shopping habits. You shop according to how your parents taught you to shop. For boys raised in an “traditional” household, they simply were never shown how to do it properly.

(I’m a guy. My Mom was obsessed with the idea that I couldn’t live on my own if I didn’t know how to do basic household tasks. I’ve gone shopping with each parent and my Mom is definitely the more skillful shopper and better teacher)


OK, I made up that quote out of a sexist joke I heard from a neighborhood dad.


Sexism aside, this is the first time in my life I’ve started making physical lists for shopping.

I sort it by store layout, so I can go straight down and make a single pass.

And I have definitely noticed myself getting a bit incensed at people who seem to be moving with no sense of urgency. Every second in public is a risk.


This person has never met my wife. I, however, will buy anything on an end-cap.


I have long used physical shopping lists, written in store-aisle order. Now that we’re trying to avoid each other, I shop online, mostly from a local supermarket that has long had an online service. Nobody from my household of four has been inside a grocery store since March 20. We all work or study online, so stores are our main source of exposure.

I’ve had a series of disappointing conversations about this. When I tell people I avoid stores, I expect them to say either “Yeah, I do the same thing” or “Oh, how do you do that; I’ll do the same!”. Instead, they tell me how they buy groceries by going into grocery stores. Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to avoid, pal. I don’t want to marinate in that covid soup.

The fuck is wrong with people? (It’s me, isn’t it? It’s somehow always me.)


You’ve got yourself a t-shirt design right there, buddy.
Applicable to most of us, just to be fair.


The mayor hasn’t seen me in a Home Depot…


There’s by far not enough manpower for supermarkets to switch to delivery for every customer.

Those with the means can pay the higher delivery prices.


He’s met mine. I mean she can do quick and efficient, but by default it’s a meandering browse and shop type of affair. As far as coupons and price efficiency goes, been there and done that. Don’t get me wrong I used to look at what was on sale where and shop accordingly. I like specific items by specific brands, I’m willing to pay more for that, which usually means there aren’t great coupons on what I want or need. Now a days, it’s buy what they have if I need more of it, price somewhat be damned.

Home Depot to my wife’s love of Target…


I don’t use delivery. It’s a pick-up service. The store has a separate door. You go there and give your name, and ten minutes or so later they roll a cart out to you.

It is more labor-intensive than having the customer pick the order, but it’s safer for both customers and workers.

Edited to add: they charge $5 for the service. That’s less than my doctor charges for a single office visit, to say nothing of what hospitalization would cost.


My wife has my own shopping habits. Grocery shopping is quick. A store containing our area of interest takes longer (shoes, dresses, games, fishing stuff)

My mother and other elder relatives follow the stereotype. As a child our family would go to the malls in Traverse City during the summer and spend 5 - 8 hours there. Oof. Thank god for Babbages.

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I guess it depends on where you live and the local stores. I been trying to reserve a pickup at a couple of major grocery store chains in SoCal. They have absolutely no open availability for pickup. They’re consistently booked solid and won’t accept any new orders.

I have a work friend in OH and she is able to book a pickup more than a week ahead, so she does this each week and then edits her cart 24 hrs out.



Well actually, It’s even quicker if you only pick up 2/3rds of the items on the shopping list. (mansplaining)


Yep, that is included as well. She also forgets 2/3rds of the shopping list.

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It’s also important part of shopping to place a cart so it blocks as much of the aisle as possible.


What are the odds that Osaka mayor’s wife is so sick of hot pockets, bagel pizzas, and Gatorade* by now.

*insert Japanese equivalents