Video about Amazon Go, retail store with no checkout lines or registers


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It’s for people who fear human interaction but still want to go out once in a while.


It’s kind of like a strange, mirror image of this.


I tried this store but I don’t think the technology is up to par yet and makes a lot of errors on purchases. I absolutely did NOT buy that 55 gallon drum of lube…honest.


And just like that, privatising profits while socialising costs, another tranche of entry-level jobs disappears.


Now if we can do that at the Airports in the US, I’m in 100%.


Seems fitting they chose Seattle for the pilot store.


Sign me up!

One store I used to go to would try to be “Friendly” by reading your name off of your receipt and “Have a good day, (Insert name here)” and in my case my name would be mispronounced. I have gotten to the point where I want less interaction and less lame attempts to have pretend connections.


So, like an Automat, then?


You just described me and all of Seattle.

ETA: Magicians love the place, while kleptomaniacs want to know who keeps withdrawing money from their bank accounts. /j


I was excited to jump on the train and go try it out, but looking into it I think I would have to sideload at least one of their apps. Oh well.

I once tried to watch prime video on my phone. I got to 3 apps with all sorts of interesting permissions before I ran away in fear.


I do look forward to this concept being adopted by others. I’d prefer to have a running list of items-to-be-charged on my phone just to make sure that there’s no issues and keep a running tally on cost.


I love how “Keedoozle” manages to sound almost exactly like a late 90s tech startup… I wonder if they accepted Flooze.


It’s nifty and convenient aspect, but as always there’s a trade-off in the private personal information you’re sharing. I can easily imagine some point in the future where Amazon and grocery stores using similar tech sell the data to health insurance companies and the lady in the video puts back the cheesecake cupcake permanently, out of fear that her premiums will go up for that month.


There are many of these persons in Seattle!



Yes, the Best Buy and help desk positions are disappearing.

But this, along with automation replacing manufacturing jobs are scenarios where MAGA bullshit isn’t going to hack it. And dead-end go nowhere jobs (unlike union trades) were never prized, we need to think towards the future.


I can’t wait to start reading stories about people hacking these stores. And I don’t mean hacking as in breaking into the network or something but by figuring out how the store knows what you’re stuffing in your bag and finding clever ways to fool it. Shoplifting for a new generation.


Perhaps it’s wishful, but I can’t help thinking this is one of those important steps on the way to universal basic income.


Yep. Even down to the “The innovation is really just a variation of a previous, breakthrough successful innovation, but the technology just isn’t up to it.” The self-service grocery store innovation of Piggly-Wiggly so dominates that most people today don’t realize that wasn’t always the way groceries were sold.


don’t worry about it LuckyGlue, things are bound to improve.