Deep dreaming at the grocery store


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I think that would actually improve things and puts new meaning to taking a trip to the Safeway.


In my day we had to walk five miles in a blizzard to our grocery store and then drop our own damn acid! We didn’t have some machine to do it for us. #KidsTrppingOnTheLawn


My god, it’s full of dogs!


I’m going to have nightmares about that child at 1:20…


It would have been fantastic if the Terminator and Hunter/Killers’ PoV shots in the movies had looked like this.


Acid is so not for me. I like my reality as is, albeit boring and often shitty.


Which is why Lux and Ivy exhorted you not to eat stuff off the sidewalk.


When I was born, there were less computers than NASA has thrown into Jupiter (thanks & respectful top o’ the hat to XKCD for that statistic). There was and still is a lot of junk talked about the unknowable complexity of the soul. It is something that happens in a pound or so of grey matter at 38C when force-fed data for 10 years or so. It is not the pure form of reason that Descartes thought was somehow on a level above our brute existence. It is something that emerges from complexity. If we can mask or mess up the inherent structure of our current computers, we begin to see the trippy stuff of our dreams and nightmares.

Man, we are getting that close.

NB: I wrote the above in a state of altered conciousness that can be reached by meditation and half a bottle of Tesco’s Irish Liqueur. However, I suspect my unadulterated state is no better.


It’s a pet store, not a grocery store. What’s the big deal?


I was thinking that this technology actually may be useful in making interesting porn.


Well now I have pictures in my head that I am not sure what to make of… on one hand trippy and weird on the other hand might need to get the brain bleach.


Kind of give new meaning to the term “beastiality!”


“Beyond life there are”—his face grew ashen with terror—“things that I cannot distinguish. They move slowly through angles. They have no bodies, and they move slowly through outrageous angles…God, they are breaking through! They are breaking through! Smoke is pouring in from the corners of the wall. Their tongues—ahhh—”

    -Frank Belknap Long, The Hounds Of Tindalos


Fear and Loathing in the Garden of Earthly Delights


The most middle-class acid trip ever!


Yeah, so?
Don’t grocery stores look like this to everyone?
Oh, wait…


I liked the part with the dog.


now, NOW do you understand what its like to see this all day long?

Is it ANY WONDER that I mash the like button so?


I really want this algorithm in a pair of glasses, as a realtime overlay. It would make going to the store so much more pleasant.