Deep dreaming at the supermarket


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I can no longer shop happily.


Pretty much how I feel in any mall or big box store. I need to save this to illustrate to others what their “quick stop” feels like to me and why I will be in the car waiting.


How about cigarettes?
I’ll take sugarless
You sell Wondermint?


Future work excuses: I can’t come into work today, I visited a bad algorithm and all the sentences are puppies.


Ah. So that’s what Winona Ryder ‘saw’ at the SAG Awards.


wait, don’t all supermarkets look like this?


Pretty much like smoking weed and shopping.


No Retail Therapy for you!


Why does this grocery store smell like a kennel?


Why is it always dogs? Aren’t there any pictures of, I dunno, pangolins or something?


Jeez, I need some of whatever you’re smoking, dude.


Some good shit man!


It’s been a while since I’ve been a consumer of computer vision training sets, but as of 7 years ago, no, none of them featured “pangolin” as a class.


Ah, scramble suit upgrades!


You see? That’s what’s wrong with this country!


Dangit you you beat me to it


. . . . . . . . .

Words fail me. All is Dog.


I have seen too much
Wipe away my eyes
Too much


I want glasses that do this.