My kid is allergic to nuts, so I demand you give carrot sticks to everyone on Halloween


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The Today show hosts dressed in terrible, scary Peanuts costumes

Yeah… no… Sorry kid, but you can just pick out the ones you are allergic to. Just like every other kid picks out the kind they don’t like.

If he is so allergic that a wrapped Baby Ruth spells death, maybe do a reverse Halloween. Visit homes, give out treats. Or do what I did one year - offer tricks - which involved throwing down those snap dragons.


Boy, I can imagine which kid in the neighborhood would get beaten up if parents decided to follow those ridiculous rules.


Geeze. Couldn’t you just come and talk to the houses you mean to ToT and see if they can offer up some appropriate stuff? Maybe (as a woman in our neighborhood used to do) drop off extra stuff to make it easy on the neighbors. We were quite happy to be able to tell the kid we had something special for him.


I think the Necco wafers is worse punishment than carrot sticks.


Something tells me that despite any backlash that might come from this image making it’s way to the internet, the people who wrote this will never see themselves as anything but the victims.


While I can understand what the parent is trying to accomplish, their methodology sucks. Promoting something like the teal pumpkin project ( would be a much better choice. Which reminds me, I need to pick up a few non-food treats and some teal paint.


I wish I could give that kid a box of Mars bars for Halloween a-la mic drop.

Kid: Trick or treat!
Me: BOOM! drops box of peanut-free Mars bars in his/her pillow sack, then closes door and turns off lights


Yes. Part of the category of “candy” that you only see in the cheap Haloween bags of candy…


Well nut allergies are common enough that it is a worthwhile exercise to make sure that you have non-nut options…


At least carrot sticks are better than getting Chick Tracts about witches killing children on Halloween.

That said, I’m sorry your kid has allergies, but parents have dealt with special kids for a long time and figured out ways to make things fun without griefing other parents to pretend like every kid has the same special needs.

This is the type of thing you tell the parents of the kid who your kid is sleeping over with (and maybe you supply the approved candy to make it easier). Making Halloween more disappointing for a bunch of other kids by suggesting terrible “candy” is just mean and selfish.


But we already have a movement that does this?

The Teal Pumpkin project.


Right up there were smarties.


Hay, I like smarties.


The Teal Pumpkin Project is a way of letting people know that you offer allergen-free treats. That’s quite different from demanding that everyone else do the same.


American, or British?


Kids with allergies aren’t stupid. I get tons of kids every year who say “Do you have anything without peanuts? I have an allergy.” No problem. Here’s some Sour Patch Kids.

The only sneaky candy are plain M&Ms. The shells are made with peanut and will definitely cause allergic reactions.


So I think this is a pretty cool project. My only quibble is with the article itself–give out pencils? You have to be in your thirties to appreciate a good pencil.


That was kind of my point.

Also some people have gone around ahead of Halloween and distributed items their child can have, with a description of the childs costume so the kids gets halloween but also doesn’t die.

Both of these efforts are nice and kind and community building, you know, the opposite of screaming at your neighbours about carrot sticks.