Adversarial patches: colorful circles that convince machine-learning vision system to ignore everything else


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“I’m a little toast bot…”


You can fool some of the AIs some of the time…



Just look at it.


So when will we be seeing T-shirts with such designs in the boing boing store?


Headline from 2025: “Incidents of Toaster-Perpetrated Terrorism at All-Time High”

Subhed: “BananaPAC Celebrates Vindicating Evidence.”


I wonder if you could design a patch that could be placed on any street sign that would consistently mess with self-driving car AI (maybe by turning all roads into 10mph speed zones or autobahns).


Just look at them.



Look at what?




Wow, It accurately was able to figure that out despite the sticker.


All I see is a toaster, This article is just plain weird.


At least somebody is willing to acknowledge how the BBS works. Very funny, guys!




Apply these patches in the correct pattern and you get the DRM to start fighting with the AI.


Those headlines are already here, complete with commentary.


We may also hope that transitivity obtains. Those turtle helicopters are becoming a nuisance.


Is the fact that we now have expert systems that produce content-free clickbait for other expert systems a sign of progress; or a signal that we should burn down everything Turing complete and summon the meteors?


Already a plot device in one of Gibson’s books: