Google's AI thinks this turtle is a rifle


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To be fair, the internet probably confused it…


It’s rifles, all the way down…


PAH! Especially considering that the murderous chelonian pictured is quite patently a tortoise rifle


Turtles can be surprisingly dangerous…



Markoff Chaney at work?


Putting the “terror” in terrapin.


Please put down your turtle. You have twenty seconds to comply!




It does kinda look like a rifle, if you squint hard enough.


I see some ideas for a new Cronenberg film.


I wonder if it classifies it as a rifle without the finger curved as if around a trigger on the right.

(Edit: I know it’s not, just thought that aspect of the example image was funny.)


It’s surprising that a single monolithic neural network can’t do common sense reasoning! Not!


There is something comforting in stories like this. It reassures the part of us that is panicking a little bit about what the hell it will mean when AIs are “smarter” than us across the board by giving us a chuckle about those dumdum machines that can’t even tell a turtle from a rifle.

Then, in two years when that same AI is better than any human at identifying every kind of firearm that have ever existed as well as every species of turtle, we’ll nervously clear our throat and hope it doesn’t remember us calling it a dumdum.


Looks more like a SEAL.


Google’s AI thinks this turtle is a rifle

Won’t be long now, those robots will be kicking our asses.


But what does the turtle think of Google’s AI?


Do 3D printed turtles dream of electric sheep?


Came for the ‘Tortuga’ reference; was not disappointed.