Advice on using an aeropress

So, in early december, while using an aeropress, I burned my hand, badly. It blistered, and scarred, and was pretty nasty.

I had been using the inverted method-- because otherwise the water sails right through the wet filter, before I had a chance to apply the plunger. Maybe it’s my grind. Anyway, I had better results using the inverted method, which led to the following problem.

Sometimes the grinds would be driven into the top of the filter thread, so that they prevented me from screwing on the filter cap. Messy, but fixable with a bit of jiggling.

Until that fateful day.

I’ve discovered a fullproof way of preventing this. Leave the funnel in the aeropress, and pour the water through the funnel. As long as you don’t overfill the press, the grounds will be prevented from setting anywhere near the threads, and you can screw on the filter cap and then invert it over your mug.

I’m a total klutz, by the way… But it might just save you from a few weaks of pain and suffering.

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