Aerosmith debuted a single on Compuserve 20 years ago


First legal major label release. By '94 there was plenty of music on usenet bin groups. I remember having to cut/paste several ascii text files together to make a song or pic.

“cut/paste several ascii text files together”

lol windows.

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Oh how I don’t miss the hours it took to download a measly 3 MB image of a single page of a comic book ashcan issue on Compuserve. The Flight Sim Forum was, however, awesome.

uuh huh huh
Download resumers

WAV file…I hope we aren’t talking stereo, 16 bit, 44.1khz here cause damn that’d take forever on 14.4k.

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I remember people at school in the late 90s (just before Napster & mp3s hit the mainstream) passing around Stairway to Heaven…encoded as a wav file in order to fit on a 1.44 mb floppy.

I wish I still had it, it’d be great for trolling audiophiles…


indeed. even with 4:1 compression that’s about 12000hz mono.

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