David Bowie, Internet Service Provider: Interview with the guy who ran BowieNet ISP


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I remember there being a flyer (not quite the right term for what it was, but close enough) in my Ziggy CD. Pretty cool seeing as it was at that post-Napster period when musicians tended to scream when they heard the word “internet”.


And by “post-Napster” you mean a year before Napster, right? The only reason I can place it so accurately is that I actually knew someone that went in on this and was part of the 10,000 members.


Tech support to Major Tom
Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong
Have you turned it off, then on?
Have you turned it off, then on?
Have you turned it off, then on?


Yes and no - I think I would have picked up Ziggy on CD in the early 2000s, so after when you’re thinking, but before jokes about Metallica being lawsuit-happy bastards were completely stale.

Also - nice! Was it worth it? The comments over the tech used in the Ars article are interesting, and take me back in not-such-a-great way (streaming video in Real Player, I do not miss that at all)


He thought so, but then, he was also invited to New York to watch him live on Unplugged and just got a tattoo of the Blackstar on his right arm, so his love of Bowie knows few bounds.

However, just because you found out about it later doesn’t take away from the fact that Bowie was ahead of the curve.


The great part isn’t the internet - it’s the email. Can you imagine being yourname@BowieNet.com?

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