The night I began loving the alien

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Don Kirschner was far more alien than any guest.

I think Klaus Nomi did the Alien bit very effectively while also being a pioneer in music. Sadly he wasn’t afforded the luxury of time like Bowie so that his musical and personal style could’ve evolved as well, huge fan of his… but for whatever reason i’ve had a hard time getting into Bowie’s library of music. I’ve always felt kind of bad about it because it seems like the kind of thing i’d be totally into


At this point, if you’re not into it, you likely won’t.
IMO, this block of 4 records are some of the best ever, though -
The Man Who Sold the World
Hunky Dory
Ziggy Stardust
Aladdin Sane
Others dig the Berlin era more, etc… After those four, I like Young Americans, Heroes, Lodger and Scary Monsters the best of his.

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Even if you didn’t like all that Stardust stuff, David Bowie was always interesting and worth a listen to with every new album or persona, at least once. Not many artists you can say that about.


Fascinating, isn’t it? Watching the full interview you go through alternating modes of shaking your head at paxo utterly failing to get it and nodding your head to bowie’s foresight.


Awesome interview with Bowie.
This was an interesting time. I’d been on the internet since the early 90’s, had broadband by 1996 or 97 and lived in Silicon Valley, so I didn’t really need to be convinced of the power - for good and evil - of the internet. It was funny though, even among people who were peers or at least around the same age, who would say stuff like “oh, this is just a passing fad like the CB radio”, etc…
I used to look at them like they had three heads. How could you NOT see the limitless nature of what was coming?

I think by 1999 one could say the internet was decently established so making a case for it’s use and impact is not a huge stretch. It’d be like someone making a case for VR today vs back when the Virtual Boy was released.

Definitely not saying Bowie didn’t have intelligent and pointed things to say about it. He was an excellent critical thinker and read voraciously, i think the reporter could’ve asked him anything and he would’ve schooled him.

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Yes indeedy, as you say he put some critical thought behind his reasoning and came out with some thoughts that to us, now, seem inherently obvious. As many had before of course, long before, those who had been paying attention anyway. It’s easy to forget quite how primitive the net was even in 1999 so in the context of this little interview bowie appears the visionary next to the “you kids get off my lawn” man in suit.

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David was definitely an alien :alien: :green_heart:

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