David Bowie, circa 1999, on the "exhilarating and terrifying" future of the Internet


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He knows a lot cyber.

Tangentially related:

Just yesterday I was tidying up my bookmarks. There’s a whole folder labeled “Culture” full of stuff I hadn’t looked at in years.

One of the ones still working was this:

WWW Sites from Laurie Anderson’s Tour Shirt

Dated 1995.




Didn’t Todd Rundgren’s Patronnet precede this?


I remember downloading what (I guess) was his first song to be released online, Telling Lies, back in '96.

It was a new-fangled .mp2 file, and after I found an application to play it, I thought at first that it was corrupted or not playing properly, because it sounded so strange:


“Ziggy played guitar”


I think so, because I vaguely recall using it shortly after buying No World Order, “The 1st Interactive Music-Only CD.”


Don’t forget Billy Idol’s wonderful cyber adventure.

Which (bonus!) mentions BB:

…and (double bonus) has @frauenfelder as a contributor.


1999 was right at the start of the dot com boom. Lots of people knew where it was going to go but it took 3G and ADSL to get us there.


1994 was the start of the dot com boom when everyone got online, etc. 1999 was the beginning of the dot bomb when the first boom crashed and burned.


I try but y’all won’t let me

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