1993 MTV video of me and Billy Idol



This is fantastic. Boing Boing needs more digi-art! Digi-art is the future!


Cool, and from what I can see, your looks haven’t changed much at all!

Sad though how you’re mostly literally overshadowed by Billy.


I liked that album. It was years later when I discovered that almost no one else seemed to, or at least history recorded it as such.


That video URL needs to be your email signature from now on.

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Oh my god, Billy Idol’s one finger typing! How did he make the album that way?? I fucking love this!


I actually remember watching this and thought it was a cool concept to bad he didn’t really do anything with it.

LOL if you have a computer and modem you can “call” billy on the well.

Hi I;m Billy Idol I"m so into computers I have a computer that’s already ancient by 1993 standards. Here watch me hunt and peck with this guy who called me.

Poor Billy all the cool kids like Reznor were on Prodigy.


I bought that album back in the day and loved it then and it still holds up.

Huh, I always pictured Billy Idol as a Mac guy.


I always pictured being more into smack actually.


You pronounced his e-mail address “Idol at Well SFCAUS” (no “dots”).

At what point did it become commonplace to say “dot” when pronouncing domain names out loud?

(I feel like my Prodigy account obtained the ability to send e-mail to people outside Prodigy right around 1993 or so, but don’t remember whether I pronounced my friend’s address as “Compuserve dot net” or just “Compuserve net.”)

Needs more GenX

You rock, Frauenfelder.


It was a good album, but it was a departure from some of his more mainstream stuff.

I need to find what I did with this album…I found it and the floppy disk that came with it a few years ago, and it didn’t quite make it to my CD shelves. I need to see if I can find this and an emulator to run it on…


I loved the album myself, came out during my high school years. So cool to see a ‘behind the scenes’ of some of my favorite tracks!

Can’t be as good as his Christmas album:

It’s a nice day for a white Christmas

It’s a nice day for…



If I recall that was around the time he performed for a private SIGGRAPH party in downtown LA…

“Probably Digital Domain’s party in L.A. in 1993, when Dweezil and Ahmet
(Frank Zappa’s kids) opened for Billy Idol. It was one of the wildest
times. It was at Prince’s new club; it was the glam slam; it was just


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David Bowie is often referred to as ‘The Chameleon of…’

OF WHAT?!?!?!?!?

Thanks, @frauenfelder. I always like seeing this artwork again.

Holy crap, but is that a long article fulla citations. I’m going to have to search out Shaun Wilbur’s work, as I haven’t heard too many people talk about Synners, which remains a high-point of techno-body transgression of the time, especially in the light of Gibson’s reactionary stance (one of Cadigan’s heroines has a portable computer built into an insulin pump that is powered like a potato clock – needles stuck into her body; vs Gibson’s abhorrence of the (ultra-rich) who have left the body and reside in a multitude of tanks. I concede this is a problematic dichotomy given the opposite classes involved.).

“Divers up, divers down, divers on vacation.” and “Change for the machines.”

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Same year, less obvious electronics, graphics not as awesome, much better lyrics. As well as music:


And the wikipedia page is practically empty in comparison.