Getty photos unearths photos of a pre-famous 18-year-old David Bowie

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He was so Mod! Swoon.


Looks like they were [stylishly] standing around waiting for the school bell to ring.


That was Mr. T’s first record too.


Makes me think of this picture with a pre-fame Bruno Mars fanboying over Pete Wentz.



He didn’t “call himself” Davy Jones. That was his name. Why don’t you fact check"?


Two things of note. One, that’s his actual name. Two, people looking like other people is not a thing of note.

You really are sour. The -gasm part of your name I can’t explain.


Rest in peace, Rock God. Seriously sexy then, and always. GREAT, great music!!!

After that Bruno turned back around and continued on his way to becoming a much better artist than Wentz.

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I’ve never seen it since but back in the day, I mean about just after it was first released, I was watching this like Saturday morning type English music show - I can’t remember if it was Old Grey Whistle Test or what, but David Bowie and pal show up, apparently unannounced, and, both on acoustic guitars, do an impromptu version of Major Tom…and it was friggin brilliant. I have never sighted that clip again - it must be around. Can’t think of the name of his bandmate.

Correct, his born name was Jones, where have you been. Obviously not a fan, like me, the rest of his true diehard fans are aware of everything he’s endeavored throughout his career.

Both of those songs are outstanding. Clearly blues influenced but they put a distinctive spin on the genre. I think I like this music better than Bowie’s later stuff.

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