Listen to David Bowie impersonate Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and others

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That’s actually funny as hell.


@beschizza FYI, your “Popular Posts” link set is being overlaid by links from the nearby Outbrain intelligence insulter.

I can’t screencap a cursor, but I show where it was with the up arrow.

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That Lou Reed is a killer–he could have taken that on the road. And his light stacatto speaking voice all of a sudden being Iggy Pop was a laugh riot.


Iggy and Bowie were roomies for sometime, how long I don’t know.

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Me, I like the part where he was doing Henry Fonda from 12 Angry Men.

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Bravo! Now do Shatner!


“made a playlist” doesn’t open anything for me, it just blinks (Firefox)

His Dylan and Tom Waits are funny, but man, his impressions of folks he knew well are amazing. That’s a drop-dead perfect Lou Reed and Iggy.

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I had to stop this before I got to Anthony Newley to point out that Bowie was a Newley impersonator!
I used to do impersonations of Bowie doing jazz standards by copying a Newley record I got in a charity shop.

I’m going to finish it now.

@beschizza: The Slate playlist link has a misspelled href.

Yeah, his Newley is basically him taking the piss out of himself. The world’s most notorious Anthony Newley impersonator.

The Iggy and Lou are great. And Springsteen sounds cool to me too.

I found the Tom Waits one reminiscent of some of Bill Cosby’s character voices.

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The second sounds very much like Tom Petty to me.

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Number two is Marc Bolan. He’s even doing his vibrato the same way he did it in “Black Country Rock”.

“Is this Bowie? No, this is Lou Reed. Or is it Bowie? It’s Lou Reed right?” - Weekly conversation with my girlfriend. So I’m not surprised that impression was fantastic, but it didn’t prepare me for how good his Neil Young would be.

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