Afghan "girl with the green eyes" has escaped the Taliban and now lives in Italy

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I wish that all women were able to escape that horrible regime.


After a lifetime of lasting instability, I hope she/family finds a permeant home.


I saw an article elsewhere about her being granted refugee status in Italy. It occurred to me that her experience charts almost the entirety of the current strife in Afghanistan. She’s just a few years older than me, but everything I’ve experienced since 1985 has been paradise compared to her experience. I hope she (and every other Afghan refugee) finally finds some peace and stability.


So I guess “life under the Taliban was better” didn’t turn out to be true at all.

Yeah, she’s in the same class of people (must be billions) who were, or would have been, better off their democratically elected (and communist/socialist leaning) goverments we so wisely overthrew.


Yeah, the follow up article on her a while back was a real kick in the gut.

Someone you don’t know, but could see the ferocity in the eyes… then a story of all the horrible things that happened in the meanwhile. The fire in the eyes was gone in the follow up photo. I’m sure that happens to a lot of us as we age, and for much lesser reasons, but that follow up really cut deep.


I remember when National Geographic did the follow-up story on her in 2002 after the American invasion of Afghanistan, tracking her down after what seemed like half a lifetime back then to learn what had become of her. For her part she hadn’t even known her photograph had earned international fame on the cover of a magazine. Sobering that even more time has passed between then and now, and she again spent most of those years trying to escape one horror or another.


IIRC, I read somewhere that the reason for her Blue Steel in the original photo was that she was pissed off at someone taking her photo without asking.

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