10 girls on Afghanistan's robotics team safely evacuated to Qatar

Originally published at: 10 girls on Afghanistan's robotics team safely evacuated to Qatar | Boing Boing


This is a positive development in a situation that has few positive points.

Did their family members also manage to evacuate? I didn’t see any mention of them.


I’m glad they made it out.

Here’s hoping someone will figure out a way to help the other 19,464,163 women and girls in the country.


It’s not like a bunch of sexist fundie maniacs who think their flavour of Invisible Bearded Sky Man™ solves all problems need (or deserve) to have this group of smart and educated young women living under their backwards regime. I hope that more people join in on the brain drain and more women get out before the religious thugs consolidate power.


I’ve spent time over the last two days helping Afghan non-profits scrub any photos they may have of volunteers or constituents. I find myself really frustrated with caching in general, but it’s working, eventually.

I found myself getting really overwhelmed at one point by happy photos from a project to teach women to drive in Afghanistan. Just couldn’t deal for a little while and had to take a break, but there’s a job to do.


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