Woman behind Pakistan’s first hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, shot dead by unknown gunmen



Well that is just horrible…


Shame. She was a wonderful lady.


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If I lived in Pakistan I would put my efforts into an underground movement. The light of day is too dangerous.


Man wtf I dont understand terrorism

And I am sure the Pakistan police won’t have any leads or suspects.

Horrible that someone like that is gone and we still have the Koch Brothers around.


/#NotAllDeathSquads probably just a few bad apples.


Needs bookmarking for the next time someone says “Islam needs to fix itself from within.”

I’m so full of admiration for people who stand up when it’s dangerous.


Cause gunning down a pioneer for women’s rights and civil discourse is JUST LIKE having a different political viewpoint. Har har.

What a rotten thing to say.

The people that did this are pure evil.

I thought docs didn’t cut bullets out anymore… anyone with a surgical expertise care to enlighten on this subject?

“Horrible that someone like that is gone and we still have the Koch Brothers around.”

Let’s review: Insect souled muslim terrorists gun down a brave woman and your own insect mind draws some kind of line between that and the Koch brothers? You need to pump the slime out of your skull as soon as possible.

I’m going to agree with you for a moment; though murdering the Koch Bros. ain’t gonna solve the whole “corporate lobbyists” problem. That, and that’s a broad assumption to make.

May she RIP. They are so afraid of the women. Such little cowards they are.

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And we think it sucks where we live. This is very sad.

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