Why did 31 people suddenly die in a Pakistan village? A horrible mystery solved

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Is the CIA administering free “vaccines” again?

Mr. Mahmood confessed to spiking the laddu with a pesticide because he
wanted “to teach [his brother] a lesson,” he is said to have told
police, adding that his older brother “tortured him.”

Somehow I don’t think he “Taught him a lesson” now that he is dead.


But the free hand of the market or something.
Also WTFF? You want to poison strangers to get back at your brother?


Killing your brother’s customers is a revenge Ayn Rand would savor.

Shrugging like Atlas,


? dafuq? you try reading instead of pulling your tinfoil hat tighter.

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Oh good, the kids are out for summer vacation.


Hat? :laughing:

You obviously don’t know anything about the capabilities of their latest QR26 satellites!


To be fair, 18 year olds rarely think things all the way through.

Interesting questions/comments I have:

  1. Why do they a “servant”? Why is he only 13? And was he arrested too? It sounded like he was…

  2. Is this a capital offense?

  3. A guy in my office is from Iran and he came back from a funeral with a similar looking cookie. Pretty tatesy.

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holy shit.

i’ve seen some bad stuff go down during 12+ years in restaurants… such that whenever i walk into one of them i’m totally aware that i might be consuming someone’s blood, something off the floor, something rotten that has been cooked (thanks for that, olive garden, you suck) or something someone has spit on, or in, or someone’s poo because the dishwasher doesn’t know about toilet paper.

this? this is pretty fucked up. wow.


so sad. how devastating. i don’t have the words…


The story is from India, a civilized country.

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I personally wouldn’t call the death penalty civilized, but they at least don’t seem to administer it with quite the enthusiasm that some do.

Edit: Pakistan seems to be keener on it, 8000 prisoners on Death Row and they recently lifted a moratorium on executions.


Aren’t you precious. You might want to check the facts before getting your snark in, though.


Is the CIA administering free “vaccines” again?

WTF? Are you posting random shit just for practice or do you have a point to make?

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Circa 2001, I got a meal from India Sweets and Spices on Venice Blvd in West L.A., including these sweet balls, and had the worst food poisoning of my life. I thought I was going to die. Always suspected the candies but I think it had more to do with temperatures, age of the prepared food and reusing their fry oil than pesticides.


I believe crenquis is referring to the CIA team that was sent into Pakistan to gather intel on Bin Ladin, but I could be mistaken.


Before reading the story, I had my money on contaminated/non-food oil used for cooking.

This is worse

The person Mahmood was “trying to teach a lesson to” was his older brother, the owner of the sweet shop. The article didn’t indicate that his brother died.