In Seattle, children's polio vaccination rates continue to drop

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Well, if they catch polio, at least the kids will be able to sit still in class.


How can people be this stupid?


Worth noting someone died of measles in Washington State recently.

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If we continue to play our cards carefully, polio is potentially very very close to global eradication, at which point - like dreaded smallpox - no-one will ever need to be vaccinated against it again. But obviously until eradication has actually occurred, much of that work can be undone in a moment…

If you want to be part of making history and leaving the grandest of legacies for all of humanity, you can contribute to the polio eradication effort here: (without even leaving your desk! :slight_smile: )


I wonder what Bill Gates thinks of this?

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The real irony is that I have a friend who recently moved up there to work for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. What does she do, you might ask? She specializes in eradicating Polio and her background in Pakistan and Bangladesh was a strength.

I’ll ask her if she’ll be travelling internationally a lot less in the future. Again, what the fuck is wrong with parents? Polio eradication is all carrot, no stick.


In many ways vaccination is a victim of its success. These parents grew up not having friends who ended up in iron lungs, or dead from it and measles, or mumps or got smallpox. Heck our kids will grow up not knowing anyone who got chickenpox for the most part.
So they don’t grok why kids should get vaccinated against things that “don’t exist”.


Uh hello? MERCURY? Maybe you heard of it? IT’S IN THE VACCINES!


The government has been trying to slowly kill us for years. First with putting poisonous fluoride in the water, now this. The FDA even encourages us ingesting SODIUM CHLORIDE. Sodium - an explosive metal - and Chlorine - a deadly gas? NO thanks, FDA! They even spike it with Poisonous Iodine! The same stuff we used to use to kill germs!

They know they can’t possibly afford to support everyone with this new Obamacare, so they want to cull the gullible, killing them off early. Just you wait until Google Self driving cars become mandatory. You will start to see “glitch deaths” happen to everyone needing extended care.


It’s a shame that the results of parental stupidity are visited on their children rather than the actual dumb-ass parents themselves.


Jezlus christ on a cross.

I’m of the persuasion such that when I take my kids to the doctor, I ask what else they can also get while we’re there. Ounce of prevention etc etc

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I hit my child. In the process I break the child’s arm. A doctor sets the broken bone. The break heals. I am charged with abuse then get sent to jail. My child has a chance at a normal life.

I yell at my child. In the process I cause emotional scars. A therapist talks to my child. The scars heal. I am charged with abuse then get sent to jail. My child has a chance at a normal life.

I fail to vaccinate my child. My child contracts polio. My child dies. The state does nothing to me. My child is dead.

Abusing my child in a way that my child may overcome. Thumbs down from the state. Abusing my child in a way that my child can never overcome. Thumbs up from the state.

This is a seriously fucked up country.


Stop hitting and yelling at your child.


Google self-driving cars have been programmed with the character of Vanelope Von Schweetz - race for your lives!

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you know you don’t always die from polio. I just think of those people whose kids live, they will spend every day of the rest of their lives absolutely hated by their child. Shakespeare said how much sharper than a serpent’s tooth it was to have a thankless child, it probably is even sharper to have a child that hates you and knowing you deserve that hatred. ah well, lucky it ain’t me.


If polio resurfaces the names and addresses of the effected kids should be posted so that anti-vax parents can send their kids over.

You know, to have a polio party, so all the kids in the neighborhood can get it and build up their immune systems the natural way.

I’ve heard kids who have polio don’t need tetanus shots, because they sure as hell won’t be tromping around vacant lots and stomping on rusty nails.

Ah. Yeah. Sorry, I know, too far.

I’ll just crawl out the back door here.


The smart kids are going to get vaccinated as soon as they turn 18 and put it on their parents insurance anyway, which is even better. Because then the parents literally pay more in the end and have to suffer their kid’s annoyance at possibly being crippled during the previous 18 years.

What ammunition around the holiday table.

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I’ve posted this before, but it still seems relevant

‘Wonder Why My Parents Didn’t Give Me Salk Shots?’: Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoon, 1957, by Tom Little on Dr. Jonas Salk’s vaccine against poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis).