#BringBackOurGirls Twitter campaign featured wrong girls


It would have been just as useless and empty a gesture if it featured the right ones.


in other news, Joseph Kony still warlording

There is only one way that those girls will be rescued–a concerted military operation. The fuckers that kidnapped them exploited the rescue operation to massacre 300 civilians in a town that sent troops to find the kids. So we can have all the outrage we want, but the calculation we need to make is whether it is worth it to use force in Nigeria to save them (and if that action would cause even more casualties). In my opinion, the priority should be to fortify other towns to prevent further kidnappings and massacres. Once that is done, try to find them (but don’t leave any other towns unguarded).

Well, Nigeria really needs help with surveillance and intelligence, which they’re finally getting - the US and UK recently sent teams and equipment, and France, China and Spain have offered help (Spain specifically offered the use of a “specialist” police squad). Britain is offering aid in the context of a larger anti-terrorism operation against Boko Haram, which has killed over 1500 people this year alone in massacres and bombings, and has actually been most active where the Nigerian military are concentrated. So it doesn’t sound like it’s really possible to guard anything more than they are, really.

Given the gravity of the situation, I think a woops with a stock photo is a pretty small problem.

Ignorant celebrities using activism as a fashion accessory.

This pretty much sums it up.

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They weren’t stock photos, they were taken without permission from somebody’s website. I wonder how you would feel if pictures of one of your children were posted all around the world being wrongfully identified as the victim of kidnapping and sexual assault?

It’s Africa: Useless feel-good-activism central. I would expect no less.

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Seriously. I saw the Michelle Obama picture the other day and it was very clear to me that she absolutely does not understand the point of this campaign.

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