Rep. Wilson describes Trump in no uncertain terms

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Sgt. Johnson’s mother has come forward to corroborate the story as 100% true.


Reaches for the ibuprofen…




This man is a liar, plain and simple. He makes outrageous, unsupported assertions and then backpedals to the truth only if forced. He doesn’t do the homework, he barely understands the job, and his ‘success’ in the business world has been largely due to wealth, bluster, and bullying. He is not fit to be president, he’s not fit to hold any office. I doubt he has ever had a boss that wasn’t related to him. I wouldn’t hire him to work anywhere because of the sexual harassment risk alone.

And yet, he is the president. I fear for the world if Kim Jong Un decides to poke the bear a little too hard.


Two decades ago, if I had to choose between believing a person in what appears to be a novelty cowboy hat or the President of the United States of America, the choice would have been clear.

A decade ago, the President of the United States of America might well have been in a novelty cowboy hat himself, which muddied the waters a little.

But today, I find myself unable to even consider the President to be telling the truth.

What strange paths our world has taken…

(And yes, I looked up Frederica Wilson. I like her. She seems like one of the better politicians, and I feel a little guilty for initially not taking her seriously due to the hat. I wear hats myself, just not as many. And not as… resolutely. That hat was not one that made me immediately take her seriously. But it’s OK - everything about the way she communicated fixed that. Good job, Frederica - thank you for speaking out.)



You can say that again. Jesus we need to stop. Just stop.

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And yet the 30% Know-Nothing base will continue to back him after this, all the while waving the flag and screaming “support our troops.”

Three more years of this, and I’ll bet that the DNC still doesn’t write them off as completely unreachable when the next presidential election season arrives.


And this is just example #5,839 in why Trump and politics sucks. Instead of these deaths sparking a discussion about why our military is in every goddamn country on the planet, all the talk is about Trump.


Trump isn’t a bear. He’s a child. You’ve described a child. The problem here is that the child has ready access to an army and nuclear weapons.


I think that’s because:

  1. most Americans had no idea we had troops in Niger, or why we have them there.
  2. we also don’t know why our troops were ambushed or by whom.
  3. when people asked the President those questions, he refused to answer them.
  4. when we asked why he hadn’t done any of the things Presidents usually do (receive the caskets, acknowledge their sacrifice, call their families), he got all bitchy, which again isn’t something a President usually does.

None of this is normal and it’s hugely weird, thanks to our hugely weird President.


For a lot of Americans, unfortunately, the simple reality here is “why should I believe some black woman when it’s a lot easier to believe the lies of a wealthy white man?”

The more stories like this come out the more I hope Trumpsters will get “Trump Defense Fatigue” from having to invent new ways to defend him.



Points 3 and 4 are fairly novel, but 1 and 2 are business as usual.


It’s an idiom.

But yes, even during the election, I described him as a petulant child. Maybe Jackson had a worse temperament for being president, hard to say.

A quick link in case anyone wonders why we have soldiers in Niger.


If this is he said/she said, I know who my money’s on. In fact, I’ll call it before they open their mouths.


As far as I’m aware, this wasn’t a super-secret raid carried out with suppressors and facial hair, it was ‘Green Berets’ deployed to develop relationships with locals, gather intelligence, and provide advice and assistance to government forces who requested it. We absolutely should not stop doing that.

Having said all that, there is still more to come from this story, and I hope people don’t let Trump bury it.


That’s actually been the interesting thing here. We’re 9 months in, and across the board, I don’t think anybody’s buying Trump’s story over that of a Gold Star Family. He’s rapidly burned through any shred of credibility; even Republicans who say they support him just tacitly assume that everything he says is a lie at this point