Boko Haram attack in Nigeria kills as many as 100, unknown number of women and children kidnapped

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Ted Cruz will carpet bomb them, if he can find’em…

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The Boko Haram are behind some of the most horrible crimes against humanity that, right behind ISIS. And it depresses me terribly to think of the suffering they are causing, i don’t really understand why but such is cruelty i suppose. I don’t know if it’s because i don’t watch TV but i get the distinct impression that people are trying real hard to ignore and forget they exist instead of taking any real action. I know i’m ignorant of a lot of facts, and i’d love to be wrong but that’s the impression i get when i see stuff about them.


It boils down to “no one we know or care about lives there.”

It is a stark reminder that real evil still exists in this world and real terror and tradegy are befalling innocent people.

It makes nearly all the problems we have in the US or Europe rather petty by comparison.


I’m sure he’ll be able to find someone to carpet bomb.


Nigeria doesn’t have anything we want. Really, I think it’s that simple.

The amount of man-made horror in the world is staggering. We would all remain permanently drunk/high or commit suicide if we truly understood.


Nigeria doesn’t have anything we want.

It has oil, the world’s most profitable cybercriminals, and a government whose corruption used to be the benchmark in which we measured all other corrupt nations.



Some simple tradegy or injustice in the US and we get 100+ comments of support, sympathy, and suggestions on what we need to do to prevent it happening again.

Africa = Crickets.


Probably a mix of helplessness and κάτι τρέχει στα γύφτικα (trouble in the gypsy camp), unfortunately.

(sorry, again a Strange Map. kind of XKCD for everything geographical)


I think I get the gist of it, but translation?

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World Map of Tragedy
How terrible a tragedy is seen by the world

:red_circle: What an awful tragedy!
:yellow_heart: Oh no, how sad. [why do we have a red circle but only a yellow heart?]
:green_book: Well, that’s life [a book? a fucking green book?]
:large_blue_circle: Wait. That’s a country?
:bread: Meh [No symbol with brown. So here’s a bread]


That about sums it up.

This was the great lesson from the opening of Sam & Max Hit the Road. (queued up to the relevant part at 4:38)

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On it.


That’s part of it.

The other part is exemplified in something my dad used to say. “When you are confronted by a rattlesnake, you can only kill it, or leave it alone. There’s no third option.”

What about catching it live? Then you can sell it, breed it, or milk it for venom…

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Catching Boko Haram live would probably cost about 10x as many lives as just killing it, but with that caveat I’ll accept your comment…

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